UriLift: public sanitary facilities for cities and municipalities. Day and night.

Innovative solutions for a pressing need: Urilift BV develops integral external hygiene concepts for cities and towns. In the nightlife, on public squares or promenades – in the past 20 years we have installed more than 600 facilities across Europe. This experience gives us the skills to find a suitable answer to every challenge. Affordable, durable and low maintenance. An investment in the quality of life in your city.


Night economy

When the night economy is in full swing, people drink more and therefore need to urinate more. Our UriLifts are pop-up urinals for men and women, available when needed and disappearing underground when the party-goers make way for the shoppers. More about our pop-up urinals > >

Day economy

Public toilet facilities boost the feeling of safety and hospitality. In the daytime, this mainly concerns conventional toilet use (for a ‘number two’).

The self-cleaning semi-permanent UriLift toilets, suitable for disabled users, are then the best option. They offer smart technical solutions for optimum safety and hygiene, and great flexibility in the choice of materials. More about public toilets > >

Half-automatic self-cleaning toilets

Comprehensive approach to outdoor hygiene: always a solution

UriLift BV, specialist in public sanitary facilities: we devise, we design, we supply, we install and we maintain. We always have a solution. If it’s not in our existing range, we’ll develop it. Your requirement is our challenge! Contact UriLift via +31(0)55 – 576 3033 or fill in the form below.

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